Hey people :-) so I read whatever I'm in the mood for here on Wattpad, so the genre may change in a matter of minutes. :)) Anyways I've written the beginning parts of two stories here but I currently lack the confidence to continue one of them, the other one has no comments so I've put off writing more for it.......but I probably should just keep writing it......eh *_* I try to be approachable so feel free to contact me in some way and I'm always looking for new friends!! :D

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Hmmmm..... so Vincent seems less feminine from Leander's perspective. The chapter length was very good and it followed more of a story line. You had some wording, grammar, and spelling edits in this chapter too. It was nice how you brought in more characters and the idea of family. No parents were brought up by any of the characters, which was a bit strange. You might want to have Vincent and Leander interact a little bit at Vincent's house. Either that or write that Vincent completely ignored Leander and his friends. Overall this chapter was pretty good and I can tell that you're improving! :)
Anonymous-Me commented on Say You Love Me - Misunderstandings

Hi! :) So you have a decent amount of edits with spelling, wording, and grammar that I would recommend fixing. The beginning of this chapter is a bit scatter-brained. It's hard to tell what Vincent's personality is up until the introduction of Leander. Vincent seems to be very feminine based off of his thoughts, but he's pretty boring. Maybe try to have Leander talk more about Vincent calling him Lee or running to save Leander so that you can make Vincent into a more concrete character. The fall was interesting, but Leander would probably go into shock, so that will add another element to the plot when his girlfriend and Vincent interact. Overall, you have a good foundation for this chapter. :)