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Felt like my profile sucked so i'm going to change it now lol sadly i suck at describing myself :/ Anyway the name is Anne katrine but call me Ak. I'm 13 years old and i live in middle Jutland, Denmark. I love drawing, reading and making up stories in my head :D drawing is a big passion of mine that i've been into since i was 9 years old I was into manga at that time lol which is one of the things that really made me want draw since I had this dream about one day making my own story and draw all the charas for it lol.. good thing I grew up :P now I almost never read manga because I can't stand looking at the drawing's. Instead I read books here since i hate reading Danish books because I find Danish very immature (My teacher doesn't like that lol) i'm exstremly happy about my english which my brothers quickly got me hooked on (this started like when i was 9 :P)  they got me woeld og warcraft to play with of their english friends and hopefully make me good at english whick surprisingly helped lol so i'm kinda self taught. Another thing i really enjoy is making up stories in my head tho they never get written down on paper I actually really love making and writing stories but i never feel like posting them here because i feel like most of it is just wannabe stories og silly stuff :/ and i've also got this problem with what language to write in lol and the fact that i can't use '.' or ',' haha :P anyway i think that's enough of my confusing rambling for now at least 8) bye!
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