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Marked By Brothers: [**Currently Rewriting/Updates soon**For Hating Me You Sure Are PossessiveThe Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners?I Sort of Love You

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umm i dnt like trace and acually drake thought that her and domina were already together thats y he rejected her and acually hes a lot nicer and...
I'm Dying, Mate.

you jsut had to do it ?? you just had to put cole and livy together really ?? yea yea cole changed btu wat about tate see i knew this story was...
Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten

she needs to end up with tate because if she goes back to cole it will be cliche ... #TEAM TATE !!!
Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten

Omg I think this story amazingly gud plz continue I look forward to how they will meet again although I still dnt get y Brent cnt figure out that...
His love changed me (Book I)