Anna Erishkigal is an attorney who writes fantasy fiction under a pen-name so her colleagues don't question whether her legal pleadings are fantasy fiction as well. Much of law, it turns out, -is- fantasy fiction. Lawyers just prefer to call it 'zealously representing your client.'
Seeing the dark underbelly of life makes for some interesting fictional characters. The kind you either want to incarcerate, or run home and write about. In fiction, you can fudge facts without worrying too much about the truth. In legal pleadings, if your client lies to you, you look stupid in front of the judge.
At least in fiction, if a character becomes troublesome, you can always kill them off.
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AnnaErishkigal commented on The Chosen One - Chapter 33

Ahh ... alas ... not really.  I took a Gaelic class many years ago because I am half Irish, half Scottish.  It's a beautiful language in all of its variations (Irish, Scots, Welsh, Manx) so I figured, if heaven had a language, why not Irish?  Google Translate does  99% of the work, though I do still have my dictionary and grammar lesson textbook :-)  I hope people who really -do- speak Irish are more impressed by my pathetic attempt to say it's cool than my terrible translation skills!