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I'm from England, I enjoy socialising, going to the gym.  I read a lot so finding this site was a bonus, I enjoy reading peoples stories but not brave enough to write my own!
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im loving this book, good twists, would like to think your going to continue with the story and up date soon, cant wait to find out what happens!!
My Benefactor

excellent read, loved the fact that not only did you perceive marys trials and tribulations well but also nathans, thank you for sharing this with us
The Millionaire's Mistress

great read, what happened to Brandon and Juliet though, will we find out in the next book, as I feel that was left open ended on both of there...
The Change ( Completed )

I'm glad that Lydia is making a go with Marco, what happened to Sami & Noah from the first 2 books?? Will they make an apperance in the book...
Taking Control : Bk. 3

I have loved reading this book and book 1 can't wait to start reading the 3rd in the series
Losing Control : Bk 2