My books:

Final Reckoning Series(In Order):
- An Unfinished Life(In Progress of being Rewritten)
- Being With A Jock(In Progress of being Rewritten)
- Fighting For His Love(In Progress of being Rewritten)
- Caught In Between(In Progress of being Rewritten)
- Ultima Pangea(In Progress of being Rewritten)
- Synthetic Disappearance(Being Outlined)
- Perfect Climax(Being Outlined)

Current Books:
- Complexity Of A Stilinski(In Progress & Sequel)
- Saint Lies(Plus sequel)

Upcoming Books:
- Silver Shadow Fear(Plus sequel - Silver Shadow Lies)
- Undisputed Limitations
- A Tale Of Two(Plus sequel)
- Criminally Insane

I Dream to be a writer, actor, singer, chef & director. Probably other things as well, not quite sure. I'm a dreamer, thinker and somewhat artistic in a sense. I put my ideas in words, poems, songs, anything for people to enjoy.

I sing, dance, and create poetry.
I'm a guy who happens to be attracted to other guys.- call me gay or not, I'm a human being that is different in my own way.
I have mood swings, depending on the scene.
I'm a funny guy, I like to make my friends laugh at my randomness.
I'm shy - can't even speak to my crush first.
I think a lot which affects my mood in various ways - depends what I think
I write stories no matter if the romance is between two males, two females or a male and a female. But I believe two males have a better chemistry than that of a male and woman romance - that's just me.
My personality varies, can't really be precise on that.
My writing style varies in my books. I like to make my characters narrative POV's different from one another from the way they think and act.
I receive small bits of ideas from TV shows, movies & other books & I incorporate all my ideas into a general idea for a book - and my imagination creates the originality in them.

"Destiny is all but Serene"
"The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear."
"I feel like a one in a million."
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Complexity Of A Stilinski (BoyxBoy) (Discontinued - Being Rewritten)

Social data: 3.5K reads. 72 votes. 25 comments.

Description: *This story is being discontinued because of the lack of motivation and distaste for the original plan I had for this. It wasn't working out and so now, I've realized how I want this story to go. It'll be rewritten. So bare with me - or is it bear?...

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Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

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Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded...

Watt's Creative Challenge Stories

Watt's Creative Challenge Stories

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rich2912 posted a message to AnimeTrix
hi I just finish reading your story Being with a jock and it was really amazing....Even though the ending really sad for me.... but it was a great one... one of my favorites... hoping that you post the sequel really soon