I am a dreamer. I am a thinker. I'm originally creative and creatively original. Creativity begins with you, Originality IS you. I am an individual and I somewhat love myself. Can't please myself as a whole just yet but progress is meant to be made.
      I enjoy all my fans throughout the years and the popularity of my novel Being With A Jock. A revision has been made and available to read.
      I love being there for my friends, for my family, for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen. I put myself below others, knowing they've had it rough than the pretty normal, fun life I had growing up. My ideas come from music, favourite TV shows such as Full Metal Alchemist, Fringe, Bates Motel and so on - like movies and comics, too. I like to keep an open mind and lessen my judgement, but I can't help the latter - I never tell what I initially think at all, no reason.
      Love art, love thyself, and love whomever. Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind.
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Killing Justice

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Description: One bad day... one bad day is how it starts. When the fever kicks in, the rage, the sense of helplessness. And you feel like there isn't anything in the world that can keep you sane... because one bad day can turn any good man... cruel. With Richard...

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An Idealistic Reality

An Idealistic Reality

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Okay, so here's the deal with this book. This book is actually just a personal journal for yours truly...

Broken, Flawed & Living

Broken, Flawed & Living

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Young love could've destroyed his outlook on life and relationships but his mother always had the best a...

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

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Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded...

Complexity of a Stilinski

Complexity of a Stilinski

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A father's acrimony, a best friend's act, an Alpha's oblivious mind, and a personal interest of two men...

Well, either I'm on a roll or something magical just happened. But whatever! As long I just posted another chapter, Chapter Six! So if you don't know, I posted Chapter Five yesterday night, I think, and Chapter Six is up now.
      Enjoy and thank you! :D
      P.S. Working on Chapter Seven, back in Thomas' POV.
After 20 days of complete struggle, I managed to finish Chapter Five of Broken, Flawed & Living. Writing the second chapter of Chance's POV turned out be quite hard since he thinks different than Thomas. Chapter Six will be in Chance's POV then back to Thomas for Chapter Seven.
      Also, I had to rewrite the entire book again, changing a few lines and stuff in order to complete Chapter Five so have a look. Nothing much has really changed, but I feel like it flows much better. Enjoy! :D