I am a dreamer. I am a thinker. I'm originally creative and creatively original. Creativity begins with you, Originality IS you. I am an individual and I somewhat love myself. Can't please myself as a whole just yet but progress is meant to be made.

I enjoy all my fans throughout the years and the popularity of my novel Being With A Jock. A revision has been made and available to read.

I love being there for my friends, for my family, for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen. I put myself below others, knowing they've had it rough than the pretty normal, fun life I had growing up. My ideas come from music, favourite TV shows such as Full Metal Alchemist, Fringe, Bates Motel and so on - like movies and comics, too. I like to keep an open mind and lessen my judgement, but I can't help the latter - I never tell what I initially think at all, no reason.

Love art, love thyself, and love whomever. Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind.
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Being With A Jock

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Description: Young love could've destroyed his outlook on life and relationships but his mother always had the best advice and his father looked after him - he was Daddy's little man and still is. Thomas Hayne, now a freshman in College, pursuing an interest in...

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Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

177K 2.1K 234

Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded...

Complexity of a Stilinski

Complexity of a Stilinski

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A father's acrimony, a best friend's act, an Alpha's oblivious mind, and a personal interest of two men...

Complexity Of A Stilinski (BoyxBoy) (Discontinued - Being Rewritten)

Complexity Of A Stilinski (BoyxBoy) (Discontinued - Being Rewritten)

3.6K 74 25

*This story is being discontinued because of the lack of motivation and distaste for the original plan I...

An Idealistic Reality

An Idealistic Reality

135 5 0

This is a short story that I had written - which I didn't get to finish actually. But this story is base...