Hi everyone~! I am Care, and I-as you all can see- love anime. I hope you guys like me, if you guys have any questions or comments just say  what's on your mind! I love people who critique me on my work, whether or not you're harsh. I'd also like to say that I won't be on as much, nor will I have much time to write the stories so I'm trying my best to put them in. 

Anyways, I like many different anime, like Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Pandora Hearts, Angel Beats, SAO, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Blue Exorcist, Naruto Shipudden, and a lot more. :3 So see you everyone, and happy reading!! :D
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Recon Corps: The Home of the Brave

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Description: Natalie was taken into the arms of the Recon Corps; a branch of the Military where their troops would venture out into the wilderness of outside the walls. On a mission, her parents were one of the few who were sent out to live and try to survive in...

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The Magic of Family

The Magic of Family

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The Earth Guardian

The Earth Guardian

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Hatome Daichi: The Lost, The Reborn, the Saved

Hatome Daichi: The Lost, The Reborn, the Saved

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You may know the Hatome Clan from the infamous Nat in The Earth Guardian, but what if she wasn't the onl...

High School Jutsu {A Naruto Fanfic}

High School Jutsu {A Naruto Fanfic}

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