You know what? I figured that it was about time I altered this a tad. I mean, I've been here four years. That makes me pensionable age by Wattpad standards. With that in mind, don't you think it's time the silliness stopped?

Like fuck...

If you want to read sensible, well-crafted stories that don't get your cognitive juices flowing then you've come to the wrong place. If, on the other hand, you want to have your testicles – or ovaries, I'll have no gender discrimination here, thank you very much – force fed through a tube of literary randomness and plot holes so gaping there's no way they can be accidental then take a seat, help yourself to a lager and spark a tab.

I should probably point out that not everything I write is as random as the day is long. Some of my shit actually makes sense... What? It fucking does, you cheeky bastards!

I don't do follow for follow because I'm not a twat. I don't take reading requests because I genuinely don't have the time. Requests for either of these things will result in me putting a round of fucks into you.

A little about me? Wife. Puppy. Job. Rock 'n' Fuckin' Roll.

Et quis est, sunt canes?
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ZEDS (Season Two) #ZEDS

Social data: 21.8K reads. 1.3K votes. 355 comments.

Description: Continuing pretty much from where ZEDS (Season One) left off, a group of survivors do what they can, and must, to survive the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

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True Story, Bra'ah: The Confessions of a Hotel Night Porter

True Story, Bra'ah: The Confessions of a Hotel Night Porter

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I've worked as a hotel night porter for several years. The events of a recent shift made me realise I re...

The After (or the story of people who haven't always been people)

The After (or the story of people who haven't always been people)

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What comes after, well... everything? What happens when Time has run its natural course and the Universe...

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ZEDS: The Second Severn (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

ZEDS: The Second Severn (A ZEDS Spinoff) #ZEDS

1.7K 162 49

Those survivors of the Second Severn, a community who formerly resided upon the Second Severn Crossing...



1.4K 86 97

#296 in Science Fiction

I just don't trust him, Jack, and I damn sure don't trust this secret coalition... I know they helped us out in more ways than one but I think staying with them would be a mistake."
You're quite likely right about me having ideas etc etched firmly into my head and that those haven't been eeked out as thoroughly as I might have liked. Again though, that's something that'll happen during the editing process - which I despise, by the by; writing is so much more fun!

And, well she has to leave Sark to allow what's going to happen, to happen! :P

I understand fully where you're coming from though, don't worry!