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Heyy wattpadders!! 
Cody Simpson is my life & i love him so much. He makes me so happy.. hahaha, i know all you angels will concur(; I could write a million pages, telling you how amazing he is, how much he inspires me, but..i won't make you guys go through the pain of reading all that! Heheh. 
Ariana Grande is my role model. She's the sweetest person ever & i'm so jealous of her voice &she's a great actress.. I hope to be just like her one day! 
My family is the best. 
My friends..enough said. I can't even describe how much you guys mean to me. :D 
I LOVE reading. Writing. Basketball. Dancing. Singing. Music, in general..I'm always open to new song suggestions, if you wanna leave one down below, that'd be greatt!  :D
Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show! 
I have an obsession with London, i don't know why, but someday I wanna live there! The sexy british guys r just a bonuss, ahahah. (; 
I always try to look at the glass as half-full, not half-empty..Positive is the way 2 go! 
Sorry I had absolutely no time to work on my new story this summer, hopefully sooon! can't wait to start writing it, i just never have good enough ideas! Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) 
My motto: Live your life to the fullest everyday. Smile until your cheeks hurt. Laugh at all the things that dont matter. Appreciate & love everyone and everything that you have. Forget about what you don't.
All-About-Cody Twitter:LiveOutLoud143 follow me, you won't regret it, ahahah.
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