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Awkward girl hey don't judge me I love gummy bears and and hate slimy things awkward told you so so if you got a problem with me thesis are the steps to do:

1: write it in a piece of paper 
2:fold the paper nicely 
3:and shove it up your ass 

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The Modeling Game
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Breakup Formula
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3 Stepbrothers
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Becoming Beautiful
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Yeah me too
He was right

I love criminal minds dr.reid I find him attractive and Morgan...
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Grant way cuter
The Good Girl's Bad Boys: T...

You know how much I've been crying on my bed cause you didn't update and watching netflix and on tumblr and eating ice cream
The Good Girl's Bad Boys: T...

Jacen or Lola but I'm scared if it's jacen I'm scared
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