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"She probably cheats on him too." I deadpanned. Dionysus shrugged.
No, I'm pretty sure it's because he could never cheat on Akin. I don't think he gets how someone could cheat on the love of their existence. I mean, she's practically a sex goddess, so it makes sense, but still. There's no way in hell he'd ever cheat on Akin

Yeah, easy for him to say. He was the Menoetius in his relationship with Hesphaestus. Even then, Ares could never be as cruel as Menoetius had been. Every time I started to force myself to accept it...
But you are Hanni babe. Anger is rooted in fear. Fear+Pain= Anger. If you stop being afraid of him, you can work through the pain that's left, and then you'll be happier. For a King God, Hanni is silly

"Akin called you a monster and kicked you out of his home... and you forgave him. Raven threw your mistakes in your face and turned away from you... and you forgave him. Lea, though it wasn't her fau...
^^. He's dead as in, he doesn't have a physical form anymore, but his soul/essence still exists, so I think the Source is chill due to that.

I left Xenon to go back to the room first. If I didn't, Hades's little physical would reveal everything that happened in Atlantis and the last thing I needed was that prick laughing at me. I could he...
Same! I was like "no he'd never laugh at you for that. He knows how you feel hun" n then I was like "wait... Oh yeah Hanni don't know!"