1.	Wrote freelance for over 45 years (under original name, homonyms or pseudonyms) beginning with Morning News (Karachi), mostly on current economic and management issues. 
2.	 Contributions were published in leading dailies at home (News International, Express Tribune, Dawn, Nation, etc) and abroad (Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Nepal).
• Served 1970-83 Punjab government as a principal officer (chief officer/taxation officer of Municipal bodies and District Council) before joining the Directorate-General, Inter-Services Intelligence. Retired as director, Inter-Services Intelligence in 2009. Worked at analysis, technical, and media desks, besides in the field. Through official interaction, observation or study, he knows intimately fortes and foibles of NSA, FBI,CIA and ISI and has views on their professionalism, efficiency, and efficacy.Specializes on Kashmir and nuclear issues, besides defence budget. Lectured MBA students. He is a Master of Economics, Business Administration, and LLB(Shariah and Law). Knows several languages including Arabic and French.
•Still looking up for some research/writing/lecture/administrative job or assignment in Pakistan or abroad.
3.	Books Published. 
a.	ISBN: 9781301505944, Title: TERRORISM, JIHAD, NUKES AND OTHER ISSUES IN FOCUS,Author: Amjed Jaaved,Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.
b.	Essays,ISBN: 9781310239991,
c.	Behaviour at Workplace ISBN: 9781310528163
d.	Role of Media in Twenty-First Century ISBN: 9781311732095
e.	The Dark Side of Democracy (India-Pakistan Context)ISBN: 9781301018802
f.	India's Democracy: A Research Paper ISBN: 9781310682254
g.	Civilisations, Societies and Cultures. Structure of Pakistan’s Society (in process)
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