Ya know it's kind of hard to tell about yourself with out fibbing a little in my opinion, so I suppose I could just tell random stuff that's kind of hard to lie about.
For example, I am 15(Actually online you could lie about that, you could lie about anything.. So Yea, I tend to over think things.)
My Birthday is April 25 1997
I am a Taurus, and have brown hair and hazel eyes. Though it apparently my eyes change a bit, either more green or brown according to one of my friends. I say there more green.
What else is there? Any ideas what I should put, tell me.

My Stories;
Mermaid's Beach -- Complete.
Speak to Me -- Discontinued
I'm Sorry... I Can't -- Complete.
All Fun and Games -- In progress (Large chance I will not complete)
Wisteria Academy -- In Progress
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Wisteria Academy (In the Process of Major Revisions)

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Description: (UNDERGOING MAJOR REVISIONS. SOME THINGS IN THE CHAPTERS MIGHT NOT ADD UP!) Addison Lane has a power. She knows exactly what it does, and now has to go to a school for others like her. When she arrives she sees her old friend Ashton, and instantly...

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