I'm working on something new. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to work on The 7th dragon again because just looking at it makes me want to cringe from how horrible it was. I've improved a lot, and honestly, I would basically have to rework the entire premise, concept as well as many other things to ever make me feel comfortable with it. 

But about that new thing I'm working on...It's still fantasy type stuff, but I kind of needed to get away from dragons. So I will introducing a new work about the Fae. WAIT!!! For those of you out there who have read countless published books about the Fae and never been able to tolerate one of them, we're in the same boat. I have only ever read one that I really liked and that was "Glimmer Glass" by Jenna Black. No extra unnecessary fluff about things irrelevant to the story in general will be in my story, no bad girl wanna-bees whining about why they're the chosen one, no rift between the Seelie and Unseelie. It will be action, mystery, maybe a bit of romance, and a special kind of magic that hopefully has you guys hanging on to the edge of your seats.

For those of you who really like The 7th Dragon, I will not be taking it down because I hate it when authors do that to my favorite stories so I can't go back and read them. But the cliches are going to have to go. I'm notorious for using them, and yes that makes me a hypocrite because I hate it when other authors use them. Message me if you want to know the other details of what I have planned for that story in-particular.

My best friend is also on here,  Vanity_Affair.
That's her. Right there ^.

I don't know how often I'll be able to update while traveling from 10 hours of school, to  
Tae Kwon Do, to volunteering, to the Gold Award, to PSAT prep. I'm still working on the logistics of that Fae story, but theoretically it will be up by the end of this week end.

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As much as I really like this book, I feel like her finding her mate has turned her into everyother girl in everyother werewolf novel. What happened to her personality and resilience that made her fight Cade in the first place? Now she is just content to so whatever Cade says. I really had high hopes for this book but it has taken the unoriginal plot most stories in this genera alter ever so slightly to a least convince themselves they had an original thought. Bring back the tough girl from before!