I don't, I don't understand. Why do you want me to say my name?

Ah, well, I'm Altiloquent. I used to be PandorE. You can call me Maddy, or Alty, or whatever your most likely gorgeous brain can conjure.

My fans. (God it feels strange to think I have fans! Thank you!) What would I ever do without you glorious human beings? You are so entirely patient with me. I have more than I deserve with my languid updating habits and how little I'm on the site anymore, save to post new chapters. For sticking with me through this, I thank you. You're all stars! xxo

Next, my "updating habits". I post erratically. I'll appear to be gone for months, then suddenly come back into the scene with some outlandish story idea about murderers and UST and all the fun angst and terribly silly character names. When I do get into a story I write, however, expect an update every week, or every other week at least. Sometimes within days.

I'm a generally nice person. I do love to talk, but I am dreadfully shy even on the interwebs. If you'd like, hit me up. I try to reply to all messages I get, but I do have an awfully lethal case of "lazy" and "procrastinating". I also seem to be overusing adjectives.

I'm not so reserved when I talk. Strike a conversation with me and you'll see, what with my sudden outbreak of emoticons and lack of punctuation.

I make my own covers. If only Photoshop and I got along more often.

So basically, I'm a perverted sixteen year old girl who likes a good read and a good movie. I love music. (Who doesn't?) I love to write, of course, and hope to be an author.

I love Ephemerrealityy. Check her out. She's amazing. This girl's my spirit animal and my idol.
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Description: The Sanctum is one of the most powerful countries in the world; it's a land that harbors dark practices for strength, and it's a land that gave birth to a Sacrifice. Every fifty years, for the past five centuries, a human sacrifice is born. Their on...

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xSakuraChu posted a message to Altiloquent
Good evening!

I really love your story Sanctuary! I was super excited when you started it but you haven't updates it in a year. I realize you're busy with college, but do you plan to frequent Wattpad? <3
Altiloquent commented on Above Us, Stars - 3

Oh man, it really has been a year, hasn't it? I don't write much anymore, but I always read every comment I get. Thank you so much for the kind words, and I'd really like to revisit this one one day! In the end, they would have saved each other.