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Name Paige
Location Michigan
Birthday Jun 29
Member Since May 25, 2012
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im paige
but call me indigo or the name of your favourite colour
im 14
i dont believe in sexualities, not like that matters to any of you
i love and respect everyone
i love love love music
i love helping people
i like colouring
umm.. hm... i love my family and friends<3 and my other family, including @Skylar66 and his son levi @_Luke_ @Tacox3 @Jeremiah_Andre @xZaynex and @jamie__
im always hyper
and awkward
so um.. bye @Skylar66 
RIP Tyler Brian Zadorski 4-27-95/6-09-11 I love you Tyler <3 Your always in my heart <3 You were a amazing brother <3
RIP Jason Levi Merrideth 12-14-97/8-26-12 I love you Jason <3 You're the only one who understood me <3 You were an amazing friend <3
RIP micheal 12/14/97-01/10/13 i love and miss you so much
RIP Skylar 11/17/97-01/8/13 i live you you were a solder. 
RIP Christofyr 5/14/98-01-/9/13 still cant get over you being gone
RIP drake 3/27/98-12/31/12 you were by far the best boyfriend ive ever had live you so much
(I'm in profile pic, background is my brother)


The Boy Who Wears Converse

The Boy Who Wears Converse

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I Don't Belong Here

I Don't Belong Here

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Just a poem I wrote once in school
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Don't Stand On My Grave

Don't Stand On My Grave

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The Amazing Glow In The Dark Pickles

The Amazing Glow In The Dark Pickles

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5 parts / 16 pages, updated Jun 01, 2012
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@Skylar66 Thanks Sky
Don't Stand On My Grave

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