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βœ– my older stories are all private, if you want to read them just message me for the link! :-)
βœ– I update as often as I can but sometimes being a final year uni student gets in the way (apparently writing a dissertation about fan fiction is more important than writing actual fan fiction...) bare with me 
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Description: Lennon's dad, Axel is out of the grave and walking the Earth, willing and able to destroy anything that comes between him and his prize, even his own blood. But Axel of all people should know; defeat doesn't run through the family veins. So, who ha...

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β€œTo fight evil, you have to understand the dark.” You're not always the person you think you are. L...

She's Not Afraid. (Niall Horan)

She's Not Afraid. (Niall Horan)

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Marina's life is currently spinning out of control. Partying, penguins, obnoxious friends and a hint of...

Flava_Sava posted a message to AllTimeNutella
it would mean so much if a great writer like you could give someone liek me feedback on m y stories. Hoepfully you see this and if im being annoying i'm really sorry i don't mean to be and if you're busy i understand :)
Cats___ posted a message to AllTimeNutella
HEYYYY sooo this is really weird. Me being a random person messaging you out of nowhere but WhaT HA ppeneD to the I'm not your average girl harry styles book?? I'm really sorry if I'm being annoying lol. I was on chapter 50 (the part she was about to go to the after party for their concert in Australia ) and I stopped there so I could sort of leave myself on a cliffhanger if anything dramatic were  to happen on that chapter   And when I got home from school today it was gone :((( is there any possibility that u will repost it ?? I really wanna know what happened  because I love the book and your a great writer, and I made a wattpad account just to ask you about this.