Im a 18yr old fiction writer who is trying to get noticed before she gets published. Writing is my stress reliever when I dont have the energy or space to dance it out. Like when Im at school or my grandparents or in the car. Ha, thatd be a funny sight! Someone trying to dance in a car! 
SO after visiting a couple other peoples profiles i saw how long theirs were & decided to make mine a lil longer to. 
I'll mark them off as they get completed

Now for the fun stuff
I hate it when some1 turns on the light while im asleep & im lke (O_-)

When a waitress asks u what u want to drink say frozen water & melted ice. Ud be surprised at how stupid people are!

Clerk:Welcome 2 McDonalds what can i get u
Me:a half dozen chicken nuggets
Clerk:Im sorry we only serve 6, 10, or 20
Me:SO u cant serve me half a dozen chicken nuggets
Clerk:No only 6,10 or20

I throw my desk up in the air sometimes! Sayin aayyyyooo! I'll take a zero!

When a package says "Easy Open" i use a knife, siscors & a lightsaber 2 get it open

Phone rings at 2 in the morning* Were u sleeping? NO I WAS SKYDIVING!

U cry i cry. U laugh i laugh. U jump off a bridge i laugh even harder

Sis:I think some1s breaking in
Me:I'll handle this!*grabs a toilet brush*
Sis:What r u going 2 do? Scrub him 2 death?
Me:Would YOU wanna be touched with this?

I wanna steal a donut truck & go on a high speed chase just cuz i think itd be funny 2 c the cops chasing the donuts(:

RAWR doesnt mean i love u in dinosaur. Ever seen Jaurasic Park? It means im gonna eat u!

A friend of mine said oninons were the only food that could make u cry until i threw a watermelon at his face

Whoever said ANYTHING is possible never tried slamming a revolving a door
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Description: I live in a realm where vampires and humans coexist. During this era we all lived together in harmony. The adults worked at the same places, the children were taught at the same schools, and we all attended the same festivals. At least this is what...


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A Few Forever Scars (Sequel To A Few Small Bruises)

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One Week To Annoy Jacob Black

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