I am a pro author, with a number of titles from traditional publishers.  But I am also very interested in the growth of online publishing sites like Wattpad, and the way they reduce barriers between writers and readers.
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Description: A new novel of werewolves, mystery and romance. In the high arctic a white wolf journeys across the tundra, seeking the lands of the south where humans live. He longs to learn whether the old tales of kinship between his species and theirs are tru...

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Natalie Jordan is a 17 year old student who's having the summer of a lifetime, studying sea creatures on...



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In the early days of the colony of New France, a young girl in a lonely settlement must choose between h...

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You, Miss are een incredible writer. I have read your books in one day. Just no words for it. I have read many good books, but you topped it. Really, you should do more with it. Selling it on Amazon perhaps! Just really lovely. Keep up the good work.
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Perhaps, Chantal thought, Jules was simply more sentimental about some animals than others.  The rich red meat was served with wild rice and oven-roasted vegetables, and followed by a homemade sorbe...
She's American though.  She only knows US law, which has a drinking age of 21.
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LOL.  For readers still grumbling about the "udder" thing, I will use a slightly different phrasing for the final version.  What that passage seeks to convey is that to the eyes of a wolf the anatomy of human beings looks utterly bizarre, the female's especially so.  If you think about it, no other female animal has anything resembling a human woman's mammary structure -- not even our close relatives the primates.  Hunter can't make sense of what he's seeing.  To him, it is utterly (udderly?) alien.
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He nodded.  “This summer past.  We were on a hunting expedition up north and someone shot my Papa and fatally wounded him.  He… mistook him for an animal.  These accidents do happen, unfortun...
Ever heard the phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing"?  LOL