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Favorite movie: The Chronicles of Narnia!
Music: 80s
Favorite flower: Forget-me-nots :)

I am a Christian :)

Favorite Quotes:

"No greater Love hath no man then this, that he lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13

"PUSH, You can have things your way and pull if you want, but this door is pretty stubborn."
~Found on a Burger King door.

I am a proud


My Goals:

[_] +500 votes

[X] 1000+ reads

[X] +100 comments

[_] +500 fans

[_] Wattpad front page

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Adventures in Narnia: The Beginning [editing]

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Description: Bethany Dolten was finally used to her new life, her new city, her parents divorce, the loss of her brother and found a friend. Everything was going to be normal now...But while shopping with her best friend Jennifer, Bethany trips and falls through...

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His Name was Noah

His Name was Noah

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Hey everyone! 
Look who's back from the dead!! Me! :D 
Sorry its been so long, don't worry I haven't abandoned you. I still read on here and write on my phone when I get the chance. 

I want to thank all my followers, new and old for sticking with me and continuing to read my work. 
As a couple of you might know I've been going through a pretty troubling time in my life in which I haven't been able to write, happily that time seems to be ending and now I find myself much more inspired, however my computer seems to have thought otherwise and taken a nosedive towards death. 

So I'm here to ask you all for a little help, my family and I can't afford to buy me a new computer which I quite desperately need so I started a little campaign on Go Fund Me. I know its a lot to ask especially since  I haven't been online in so long, so I've decided to make you all an offer! 

When I reach certain goals I will post new content on my stories.
For each $50 interval I will post a new chapter of one of my books. 

If someone donates $50+  that person can suggest an event to happen in their favorite story, and choose what book I should write a chapter for.

If anyone else has reward suggestions I would love to hear them! I want to thank you all in advance for being so super awesome as I go through these hard times, I always come back and read all your awesome comments and it makes me feel so blessed :) 

If you could please just take a minute to click the link, and even a minute more to share it, it would mean the world to me. 

If 400 people donate just $5 I could reach my goal in days. So please make this holiday an awesome one :) 

Thank you Thank You Thank you so much guys!! 

My story is written on the site, please take the time to read it, it explains a little more about my situation. Thank you all again. I love you guys!!!!!!
I've finally moved into my new space and I'm working on starting up again, so no worries guys! You'll have some new material soon :DD

HNWN is going to be a bit of a slow going as I do want to re-write a couple bits. 
But its going to be full steam ahead with AIN:TB and a new teaser book for my up coming series "The Verdigo Chronicles" 

So see you soon guys!!!