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Hello, I'm Alice Carruthers and here's a little bit about me!

I'm 17, but had only just turned 14 when I started writing One Question! 
I have an identical twin and two older sisters!
I live in Somerset, England. 
My favourite wild animal is a giraffe! Hence the picture! 
I watch a lot of television.
I love to read (especially books by Mike Gayle) and watch films! Incase you haven't picked up on it yet, I'm not exactly social all the time! 
I'm a vegetarian! Yay! Save all the animals! 
I have five cats- Pepper, Kitten, Lincoln, Bunty and Madam! 
I'm currently writing on an iPad 2 that I won in a Wattpad competition with my twin! Haha!

Despite good grades, I hate school and am dropping out next year much to the shame of my mum! Maths, Chemistry and History were the worst decision ever for A-Levels. 
And that's about it! I'm not very interesting, I know! Sorry about that!

Also, thank you very much if you enjoyed reading One Question! It was a pleasure to write for everyone! I'm not convinced it's the best story, far too many mistakes and cheesy lines for my liking! :)

I am a One Hit Wonder, no more stories. They're all in my head but for some reason they don't look great on paper. Maybe when I drop out of college and have all the time in the world I will write something amazing for everyone!


One Question

One Question

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For Alice, life isn't easy. She's not the most popular girl and not at all experienced in the men's department. So she's surprised when her life turns around unexpectedly. Thr... read more
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@tomlinsite yay! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :)
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@UnicornCalledWhale woo! May consider re-writing it for the third time too! Haha! Thanks for reading!
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