Hello, I'm Alice Carruthers and here's a little bit about me!

I'm 18, but had only just turned 14 when I started writing One Question! Woah, it's been 4 years?! 
I have an identical twin sister and two older sisters!
I live in Somerset, England. 
My favourite wild animal is a giraffe! Hence the picture! 
I watch a lot of television.
I love to read and watch films! Incase you haven't picked up on it yet, I'm not exactly social all the time! 
I'm a vegetarian! Yay! Save all the animals! 
I have five cats- Pepper, Kitten, Lincoln, Bunty and Madam! 

And that's about it! I'm not very interesting, I know! Sorry about that!

Also, thank you very much if you enjoyed reading One Question! It was a pleasure to write for everyone! I'm not convinced it's the best story, far too many mistakes and cheesy lines for my liking! :)
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Description: For Alice, life isn't easy. She's not the most popular girl and not at all experienced in the men's department. So she's surprised when her life turns around unexpectedly. Three guys are suddenly throwing themselves at her and the only thing Alice...

my_mind_speak posted a message to Aliceally6
hey, I was browsing through my library and I accidentally clicked One Question, the cover looks familiar and the prologue too. then I remember bits and pieces of the story, it was actually one of the few books that got me hooked to Wattpad when I was new here. So, I think I'm gonna read it again for nostalgic reasons. 

oh, and I'm glad I clicked on that story, even by accident, cause I unfollowed you last night, I was unfollowing a lot last night. lol
Thank you for your lovely message! I'm so happy you loved the book! Who did you want her to end up with? Hope you weren't too disappointed with the outcome! Haha! x
starrydust_ posted a message to Aliceally6
Just finished reading your book. I absolutely loved the way you write and the fact that you had me guessing till the end. I loved each and every character in the book and though Alice didn't end up with the person I wanted her to, I loved the ending and wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks for writing a piece of art that made me laugh, cry, scream and smile. 
Ah, you finally finished One Question then! Haha! I've noticed you've been voting for loads of the chapters and I was wondering when you'd get to the end! Hope you liked it, and thanks for all the votes! x
@CJustMe hey! Oh, thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed One Question, can't believe it's one of your faves! I am actually writing a book right now, haha! It's a bit of a secret insofar as I haven't even told my family and it's going super slowly (8 chapters in about 3 months )! I'll probably post it when I'm done! Haha! :) thank you so much for the kind words!