"I must have a motor car. And it was thus I became a novelist. For it is a very strange thing that people will buy you a motor car if you will tell them a story." -Virginia Woolf

Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm a legal adult. When I'm not pretending to be a famous novelist, I draw in ballpoint pen and paint in watercolors. I hunt for new sweaters to add to my obscenely large collection, search for ways to increase the size of my handwriting, and try not to get pulled over for looking too young to operate a vehicle again. I'm studying English and Classics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. If you have any questions about who I am or what I do, shoot me some messages.
I love critiquing and good books, so recommend some, but please be sincere and restrict all recommendations to my message board or inbox. Thanks.
Warning: The following works are first drafts and may contain traces of bad grammar, misspelled words, plot holes, or peanuts.
Long live the Oxford comma.
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Description: Book two. It's been months since I've seen my mother. And despite her warning, no other gods know of my existence. On the day of my father's wedding, Persephone's curse leads me straight into the hands of the one god who'd like nothing more than to...


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Cor Hominis

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"The Heart of Man" The body is a vessel, a simple tether to what truly defines a person: a soul.

How To Write An Author's Note

How To Write An Author's Note

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It's actually quite simple.

Looks like there's a throwback to Sleepwalker earlier on in Soothsayer! No promises about a posting date, but take a small peek at scene from the first chapter:

“Welcome to Delphi.”
The field before me was covered in thick green grasses, so tall they brushed against my thighs. A pool of water, clear as glass and shimmering in the sunlight. Overhead, a small waterfall burbled into the pond.
“I’ve been here before,” I said with awe trickling into my voice.
Apollo smiled at me. “Yes, you have. Almost a year ago.” When I couldn’t hold in another cough, his face dropped. “Let’s begin."
97Baby posted a message to AlexThomas
Sorry but I wanted to know when you would publish Soothsayer? I don't mean to rush you but I just really am in love with your series :) Thank you :)