Strike: Chapter 20 (October 25 - November 7)
Strike! Arc Two (November - December 2014)
EXO X ERA (2015-2016)

My name's Akira. I am a seventeen year old girl. 

 I REALLY love K and J-pop. Some of my favorites include:

•B.A.P <3 (Claim: All 6) 
•VIXX (Claim: Hongbin, Leo, Ken & Ravi)
•Block B (Claim: All 7)
•B2ST (Claim: Kikwang)
•BTS (Claim: Suga, V, Jin, J-Hope & Jungkook)
•DBSK (Claim: Jaejoong, Yunho, & Changmin)
•SHINee (Claim: All 5)
•Super Junior (Claim:  Henry, Donghae, Leeteuk, Siwon and Kyuhyun)
•BigBang (Claim: GD & TOP)
•EXO (Unbias)
•U-Kiss (Claim: Eli, Dongho, Kiseop and Kevin)
•MBLAQ (Claim: Lee Joon and Cheondong)
•The Boss (Claim: Hyunmin)
•BTOB (Claim: Minhyuk & Ilhoon)
•2PM (Claim: Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Junsu and Junho)
•B1A4 (Claim: Gongchan, Jin-young and Chandeul)
•GOT7 (Claim: BamBam & Mark)
• C-CLOWN (Claim: Kangjun & Ray)
• Teen Top (Claim: L.Joe, Chunji, Changjo)
• FT Island (Claim: Hongki, Seunghyun &  Jae Jin)
• 100% (Claim: Changbum, Minwoo, Sanghoon & Hyuk-jin)
• LC9 (Claim: E-Den & Ji Hyo)
• Cross Gene (Claim: Shin, Yongseok & Takuya)
• CNBlue (Claim: Jonghyun)
• Infinite (Claim: Myungsoo, Hoya, Woohyun, Dongwoo)
•Topp Dogg (Claim: A Tom, P Goon, B-Joo, Hansol and Xero)
•A-Jax (Claim: Hyeongkon, Seungjin and Jaehyung)
•ZE:A (Claim: Hyungsik, Siwan and Heechul)
•& MANY more

•Jongbin (Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo-Bin)

#perfection: http://i.imgur.com/wBZVu41.gif

I am also a fan of Asian drama. 

Asian Actor + Model loves/husbands:

WATCHING: Anime <3



O T▲K U /  F▲N G I R L!                                                                                                                 

My tumblr: http://just-akira-things.tumblr.com

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Description: (Updated: 12/15/13) Draven Crowe has always been drastically scarred from his childhood of drugs, beatings and sexual abuse from his mother's many boyfriends. After an event in the orphanage he lived in, he is placed in adoptive care and quickly mov...

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peachbrat posted a message to Akira_Misaki
Helloo ^.^ i use to follow you on my older account and I was a big fan of Crowe. I was wondering if you plan on updating it anytime soon
Strike! Arc 2: Skip! Chapters 21 - 40 shall be started as soon as I can. I'm really excited that i'm finally in a new arc! Yay!