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Angel's Song

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Description: Ashley is a sixteen year old high school student who has gone her whole life being bullied at school and abused by her family at home. After years of people calling her terrible names and pushing her around, she turns to something terrible to reliev...

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You're Not Allowed to be Human

You're Not Allowed to be Human

1.9K 52 38

He slowly leaned his face closer to mine. Dangerously close. “What are doing,” I exclaimed while try...

Kakashi's My Bestfriend

Kakashi's My Bestfriend

13.1K 317 131

Kakashi! You say we use to be best friends, right? That's a shame since I lost my memories and emotions...

Troublesome Thing

Troublesome Thing

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With the Fourth Great Ninja War right around the corner, Akane will do anything to get the one and only...

Stuck in the Naruto World

Stuck in the Naruto World

56.4K 1.1K 370

EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Fourteen year old Akane and her two best friends, Austin and Holly, are...


Okay, Kakashi's My Best Friend is ready for update. Will soon start working on Stuck in the Naruto World as soon as I can get a hold of a laptop, since I need the show for reference. As for the other one, You're Not Allowed to be Human, it will start being updated as soon as the others. I will post these maybe at the same time??? It depends. 
If not very many people vote on my message board, I'll go by how many votes the last chapter of those stories have. 
Yeah, I haven't written on any of my fanfics in A LONG TIME. 
But. I have a question. 
Which is your favorite and which should I update next week? 

Please write on my message board the number 1 for You're Not Allowed To Be Human. 

Please write the number 2 on my message board for Stuck in the Naruto World.

Please write the number 3 on my message board for Kakashi's My Best Friend. 

Those are the three fanfics that I'm willing to continue at the moment so choose? The one with the most votes by next week will get updated on a weekly basis until finished. Then I will have this voting thing again. 

ALSO, you can see that I'm writing a new story called Angel's Song and that is not anime related at all. 

It's about my personal life and some of it may seem pretty dark at times but please read if you're interested in that! It's a teen fiction/romance. :)

That's all I have to say for now so please vote for your favorite of the three choices. 
Aoberts_Booty posted a message to AkaneUchiha
I like that story you started, Angel's Song? Id be happy to see it updated if youre not busy