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Hahaha hahahaha holy shit. You are amazing. If this was a movie you'd have to make a trilogy. Ya know if you look at life this is what's it about....
Risen: Darklight

I'm gonna read the entire risen story again while I wait for the next update lol. Man every other story now is at least a quarter garbage because...
Risen: Darklight

Hahaha jesus people chill. Your getting to read a free awesome story. Funny actually that other people are asking about it. I came on here just to...
Power Shift

Holy fuck. Your telling me man. I almost got into 3 accidents in 5 blocks because of these inconsiderate brainless pieces of shit that think...
Haters Gonna Hate

@AjaKaneshiro ....I'm not raging. Oh I didn't put an lol in there. Woops, sorry dude that was meant to just poke fun at you. I was thinking the...
Haters Gonna Hate