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Hello! My name is Abhi. It's the same as Abby or Abbie it's just spelt differently. I live in sunny England. YAY! I love reading, if I start to  read a book and get into it I will not put it down till I'm finished.

Random Facts About me:
- I'm 15 years old.
- I love horror movies. They make me laugh too much.
- I love Theme Parks, and going paint balling.
- My favourite colours are, blue, black, violet, and teal.
Oh god, I'm running out of facts about me! It's like I don't even know myself. :S
- I'm not a girly girl
- I like some sports, like badminton, hockey, rounders (it's like baseball), but I'm the most active person
- I'm, at least I think I am, 5'1. something tall. Almost 5'2
- I like watching 90210, The Vampire Diaries, My Mad Fat Diary, 2 Broke girls, etc.
- I don't like a specific genre of music, I like a variety of genres. 
- Also I'd love to go sky diving some day.
I guess that's it really, I can't think of anything else..

Some of my favourite authors are:
- Darren Shan
- Rick Riordan
- Suzanne Collins
- Ally Carter

I'm also offering to edit your stories, if you need me to or want me to. So drop me a message, and I'll get back to you.

Also, I really think that you should check out these stories:
- Hidden by the Silver Eyed Boy, by EliaXAllieX
- Tough Love, by maymay621
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