Name is Adam Ejaz. Lived in Fairfield my whole life. And I'm just writing stories and ect.!
      What I want to do with my future?:
      Not sure yet. Maybe write scripts for Hollywood one day or something. Or act.
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAdamProductions
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmazingAdam91 ( @AmazingAdam91 )
      Interested in working with me?
      I'm looking for someone to help me pitch ideas together to make a good story ect. E-mail me if your interested in something like that!
      My website (The Adam Productions): http://theadamproductions.weebly.com/
      Contact info: adamejaz@yahoo.com
      Finished storie:
      The Reaper
      The Reaper II: City of Death
      Stories coming soon:
      The Forest Men (The Bigfoot Legend comes alive)
      The Skeleton Man (A young boy one day just snaps. A few years later he reappears in a skeleton mask and with nothing on his mind but killing.)
      Dark Venom (Dark vampire story)
      Dark World (About a man who keeps having dreams, then after he saves a young woman, but he accidentally drowns. But the EMTs revive him, but something is different. Now his dreams are more real, and he starts having 'Out of Body Experiences', and keeps seeing 'Children in the Walls' of his College)
      (On Hold)
      Dark Dreams (Freddy's legacy continues underneath an old seed)
      Ghost Territory (6 people enter a 'Haunted House'. What they don't know is that the place is actually haunted, then that's when their adventure begins, OR ends)
      (I'm working on)
      The Fallout (Based on the video game series 'Fallout'. Different storylines but same enviroment)
      Unidentified Powers (Kind of a cross between Chronicle and I Am Number Four. 7 lucky kids find out the truth about a mystery rock, 8 years later they start to die one by one)
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