Status: I'm really good at spilling apple juice in my hair. c: (2 years ago)


Name Alexandria
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Blah blah blah. That was boring.
Here's some shtuff that you might want to know;

-I'm really shy and reserved. o.o
-I don't like talking about my problems, but I'd love to help you with yours. c:
-I don't like liars and fakes. Please be real.
-I cry a lot for stupid reasons. :c
-I'm afraid of the dark.
-I'm really short, and people make fun of me for it. >.<
-Of Mice & Men is my favorite band. I met all the members at 2011 Warped Tour. <3

That's pretty much it. If you'd like to get to know me better you can PM me.
Or write on my message board.

 @DivineDamnation She's uber gorgeous. Like, damn. She needs to be a model. And she's the biggest sweetheart ever. It's impossible for someone not to love her. She's nice and hilarious and a sexy little panda. I wuvvles you, Courtneyyy. c:

Kik; AlexandriaEstelle


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