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 @XxJustSmylexX~~~ I love this girl! She is loads of fun to talk to!! My big sister! I would be lost without you, Lana Styles! LOL. Amazing person right here. :) fan her please! @LegendaryPeople ~~~ Jace and Zane are nice! But Zen's an arrogant jerk. just sayin'.. :3

RAWR! <3
-backround, quote i came up with. :) made the picture
-Profile picture, MEH!
-love music.
-I've been creating poetry for about a year... I don't know where I'd be without it...
-Black Veil Brides. Breaking Benjamin. Panic! At the Disco. Hollywood Undead. Linkin Park. Secondhand Serenade. Mayday Parade. 3 Doors Down. One Direction. Coldplay. The Fray. My Chemical Romance. Sleeping With Sirens. Three Days Grace.
-I've grown!!! I am now 5"6' and a half. :D
-I can be really random.
-I am super friendly! 
-I LOVE talking to people!
-I have 47 ears, so if you need to talk, I'll listen! (: 
-My English teacher loves meh.
-WARNING: I flirt shamelessly.. ;)

^^^ I don't like:
    When people judge people.
    Small spaces.
    Big spaces. (they contradict one another)
    Girls who wear clothes that could be classified as undergarments.
    Over hyper people.
^^^ I like:
    Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. <3
    Colored socks.. :D
    Giving advice
    Flirting... ;D <3
    Boys who aren't jerks. :)
    Romance novels. I'm a hopeless romantic!
    COD. Yes, I play X-box. Killing zombies is my guilty pleasure... :D

Remember: 'La lune brille, puis le soleil, parce que la lune est ce qui ├ęclaire la nuit.'
Oh! And YOLO! ;)

MY JOINT ACCOUNT WITH @XxJustSmylexX = @Here_We_Are!!! Check us out!

MESSSAGE ME. Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!! :3


Chasing Cars (A 1D fanfiction)

Chasing Cars (A 1D fanfiction)

6 parts / 18 pages, updated May 06, 2013
Lana was a normal girl, until she walked in on her best-friend and boyfriend in bed together. She was a normal girl until the random boy who comforted her lat... read more
5,147 reads votes 79 comments 73
Calling on Night

Calling on Night

11 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 11, 2013
486 reads votes 22 comments 11
Wishing for Daylight (Poetry)

Wishing for Daylight (Poetry)

23 parts / 5 pages, updated Jun 08, 2012VideoPictures
(((Previosly known as: 'Begging for Breath'))) My poetry book. I have been told that these are very emotional, so don't say I didn't warn you if you cry... I h... read more
4,550 reads votes 286 comments 209
Change Fate

Change Fate

4 parts / 4 pages, updated May 12, 2012
When I was younger, I had nightmares every night. But, the thing is, it was always the same thing. I took therapy for years, and I finally got rid of the nightmare. Little did... read more
423 reads votes 14 comments 16
Hear Me Now

Hear Me Now

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 28, 2012
Naomi was just fourteen when her parents where murdered, and she was left for dead. Her brother, Hunter, just ten. Naomi chose to run, run from the truth, that is. So now, fi... read more
278 reads votes 15 comments 23


2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 17, 2012
Anna is inasane. She thinkseverything she does is perfectly normal, but when her mother catches her in a horrible act , she is institutionalized. At Dixmont, she meets Clara, who is ... read more
544 reads votes 20 comments 13
Contest One-Shot for ASR

Contest One-Shot for ASR

2 pages, updated Oct 02, 2011
One-shot contest for A Surrentituos Relationship.
390 reads votes 6 comments 4
My conversation with a Cleverbot.

My conversation with a Cleverbot.

2 pages, updated Aug 26, 2011
278 reads votes 13 comments 8
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