Status: hello guys sorry for not updating in ages ive got loads of exams soon and been revising like crazy so should be able to soon xx :) (3 years ago)


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Hello everyone   Im Abi         I see that you have come to my profile so welcome!!! :)

Some of you may know @Light-up Amelia   well just in case you dont know she is my best friend and is mentioned quite alot in my book Needles.  She is also my book cover maker and my editer.  I do the same for her.  

Whilest your here you can read my other books but theres only two atm.   

Remember   Vote, Comment, Fan   and of course SMILE!! :) 



Am I Rich?... No

Am I Rich?... No

1 page, updated May 08, 2011G
Lassie is a 15 year old girl who is fosted and keeps on moving from one place to the next playing the same game. At her new foster home and new high school she meets Max a fo... read more
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4 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 28, 2011G
Needles is a true story about a girl who has a deisease which could kill her at any point in her life with no warning. The ups and downs in her life friends and heart breakes are a... read more
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Yes. Im a salad

Yes. Im a salad

1 page, updated Feb 19, 2011
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well actual ive had it for 9 years so i do know what im talking about as my anutie died from it as well so im right thank you very much

i loved this story sssooo much i really want to kw wot happens in new york wiv jackie and danny and things at home after they left and when they...
My Life with the Walter Boy...

aw bless i was diagnosed with diabetes when i was 9/10 years old, but you get used to it after a while. hope addy is ok :) upload soon
One Husband, Two Kids... An...