"I got soul but I'm not a solider."

Note for swappers/spammers: Unless we've talked and are somewhat friends, do not ask me to read your work. I only do swaps when I make threads for them, otherwise, you're out of luck. If you do not heed my warning, i won't end well for you. Take my advice and don't do it.

Look ma, Alexia actually decided to update her page! 

Okay, so my name is Alexia and I'm from Inkpop (R.I.P, man). I'm teenaged, awkward, and I enjoy long walks on the beach plotting to kill my characters. Okay, not the last part, but we can pretend I do because it sounds awesome, right?

My first novel I finished was When the Dead Walk, We Run, which I'm keeping up for the sole reason that many inkies still want to read it. It's pretty terrible by my personal opinion, but I'm not going to judge.

I usually work on a lot of things at once, but my current baby is 'Scorched Paths (working cliche title) which is Fantasy a.k.a no one wants to read it. Too bad, Wattpad, I'm writing it anyway. Short stories I finish for school that I think have merit get posted here as well.

Other information? People call me Moose. I may have a problem when it comes to watching Sherlock BBC. I like the color green. The way to my heart is human tears (kidding, kidding, I'm really nice, I promise.) 

Okay, that's all. Writing time.
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Scorched Paths

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