Hi everyone! My name's Anna--well, that's not my actual name, but it's what my family calls me.

I'm Asian-American, 23 years old, and I live in the good ol' USA. My writing specialties are teen fiction and/or romance, though I intend to broaden my horizons and try my hand at other genres in the future (except for horror. I'm a huge scaredy-cat).

THINGS I LOVE: Shopping, traveling, reading and writing, eating, sleeping, soccer (watching, not playing) puzzles (especially of the crossword variety), animals, and my awesome, amazing fans :) And, of course, Wattpad <3

THINGS I DON'T LOVE SO MUCH: Insects (particularly spiders. Blech), heights, techno music, homework, chores, golf and baseball (two most boring sports ever, IMO) and seeing something I love in the store then flipping over the price tag and realizing there is no way I can afford it unless I become famous or marry Bill Gates. Who is already married. So yeah.

My Books (please do not plagiarize. It is illegal!)

Study Abroad Series 
1) If We Ever Meet Again
2) If the Sun Never Sets

Asian Drama Series
1) All I've Never Wanted (inspired by Boys over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden)
2) Lies, Luck, and Love (inspired by Down with Love)

Standalone books
1) Your Heart Belongs to Me 


All I've Never Wanted trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY_K6vM8Nzg

You can also now rate/review my completed books on Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5758632.Anna_Huang

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Lies, Luck, and Love

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Description: Tyler Easton has a problem. Even though he'd just been voted the "Sexiest Lawyer Alive" by People magazine, he can't seem to find the right nanny for his two children. All the nannies either end up falling in love with him or getting driven away by...

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Your Heart Belongs to Me

Your Heart Belongs to Me

321K 6.1K 975

Warrington High, one of the country's premier public high schools, has always been split between two pop...

If the Sun Never Sets (Study Abroad #2)

If the Sun Never Sets (Study Abroad #2)

190K 3.4K 894

SEQUEL TO IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN. It's been five years since Blake, Farrah, and the rest of the gang lef...

If We Ever Meet Again (Study Abroad #1)

If We Ever Meet Again (Study Abroad #1)

2.7M 18K 2.6K

Theirs was the greatest love story never told. Until now. It's a tale of lust, love, betrayal, jealousy...

All I've Never Wanted

All I've Never Wanted

14.1M 187K 30.4K

The Scions were the four most powerful guys at Valesca Academy. They terrorized anyone who stood in thei...

shoppingNYC1 posted a message to ACRL37

If the sun never sets defo need a update love the storie! :)

TheAwkwardClub posted a message to ACRL37

I want more of maya and roman--- life in college, boys, girls, misunderstandings, breakup sand of course, the rest of the scion as well as adri, Venice mickey and that lovely grandma. I've read this story 3 times. I want more!!! 

kav1troy posted a message to ACRL37

From- if the sun never sets -chap. 6

kav1troy posted a message to ACRL37

Favourite quote ever!!!! Will definitely have to be, 

Blake stared at her, his voice cracking. "Because I'm in love with you. I've always been in love with you. Isn't that enough?" 

- if that even counts as a quote cx 
I just really love those lines  
It melts my heart 

qkarinita posted a message to ACRL37

I've just read AINW and I have to tell I love it, specially Maya's grandma, she's hilarious! !!!!!! but I also love Carlo!! he's.. I don't know, sweet and charm and incredible handsome, please please!! write a history based on him!!! i assure you, all the girls want it!!! , greetings from Mexico. :)

valeriaacosta posted a message to ACRL37

Hi, I'm a huge fan of your books I think you are an amazing writer!! If we ever meet again is one of my favorites I read it over and over. I really hope you get the chance to update if the sun never sets soon! However long it takes you know that you have at least one huge fan here that will always read whatever you write!:)

anabanana23 posted a message to ACRL37

I hope you upload Your Heart Belongs to me soon! I love it!

ACRL37 posted a message

What is your favorite quote(s) from one (or more than one) of my books? I am currently updating my Goodreads author profile and would love some ideas for the Quotes section! To answer, you can post on my message board, facebook page, or inbox me :) I look forward to hearing your ideas! To visit my Goodreads page, you can go here https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5758632.Anna_Huang. This as well as my FB link is in my profile. Thanks everyone! xoxo, ACRL37