I write original slash (boyxboy) and romance/erotica and am really proud to be part of the wonderful LGBT community on Wattpad (who does not recognized us as a bonafide community yet, but give it time).

My current WIP is "Teasing the Golden Boy". I know I haven't updated it in a while, but I HAVE NOT ABANDONED IT I promise!!!! I love Kaleb and Nate too much for that! I also write the occasional oneshot-gone-wild in between because inspiration is everywhere.

I wrote a sizzling oneshot called "Good Vibrations" (http://www.wattpad.com/8375904) that's so hot, Wattpad marked it "Private" (i.e. only available to fans). So, if you enjoyed "Three Score", go fan and then read!

I've also gotten complaints that some fans can't read the restricted chapter of "Teasing the Golden Boy" (Chapter 9 part 1). Apparently it's a new Wattpad thing, you have to go to the link directly, so if you have that problem, click here:

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Visit my website, http://ABittersweetLoveAffair.blogspot.com where I post updates, cover art, news, etc.

I've made a Tumblr account that is all about boyxboy sexiness! (NSFW).
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Courage To Fly [manxman]

Social data: 31K reads. 1.6K votes. 143 comments.

Description: Logan, haunted by his lover's death, is flying home to face his demons. Gregory, shy and scarred, is terrified of airplanes but ends up next to Logan anyway. Logan has no intention of looking twice at Gregory, who has no intention of asking Logan fo...

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Wow. I don't know what to say except that I'm disappointed in this hate. The title, "People who argue against evolution without knowing the theory" is quite ironic, since your entire argument for it is based on you believing that only some of TOE is actually all of it, which puts you in the same boat as those morons you criticise so vehemently.

But gravity is just a theory
*Sigh* Kevin Kevin Kevin. You can't hate on scientifically ignorant people then make a statement like this. If we ignore the statement that it's in actual fact the LAW of gravity (as so many other comments pointed out before mine), you're basing this argument on SEMANTICS, not science. The theory of evolution depends on time - sometimes billions of years - to explain most of it (it's only micro-evolution, the evolution within species, that can be empirically observed & thus proven.) That's not the case with gravity and therefore it's not the same, even if they were both called theories. It's as you said, apples and oranges.