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Name Megan(or any nickname you wanna give me)
Location Milky Way Galaxy(:
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--Hey Im Megan.
 I live in Egypt, but im 100% american.
 i love (some of) my friends
my family(rarely)
my pets 
and tons of other randome stuff.
--im 15 but almost 16!!
--im bi and just dont kno it yet...shhhh and dont tell me cuz its a secret ;)
-- I like spelling certain words wrong cuz i like to be unique. (like randome)
--I love to read, and think of weird story plots, but i don't actually like to write.
--my username is not randome, everything means something
-- I have been reading off of wattpad for about a  year and a half but never took the time to actually make an account. 
--i FAN randome people just cuz i can, and i know that when i get fanned it makes me feel like someone in this small stupid world cares
--if i fan someone and their "About Me" gives other people that i should fan, i do
--my goal is to fan EVERYONE on wattpad, just cuz i feel like it(:
--my life sucks and i know it
--living in egypt is NOT awesome like most people think.
--moving around the world made it so i turned emo.(but my sister calls me scene)
--music keeps me alive 
--txting people i know in america has kept me from committing suicide(multiple times)
--i cant wait to leave this life and start a new one in america next year
--i try to be real and be how i know i am, but it makes my friends treat me weird so i be who they want me --to be cuz i have a bad habit of trying to make everyone happy
--im totally single, but wishing i wasnt. :P
--im not pretty and dont pretend to be
--i have tried to stop cutting several times but after a while i always break
--i always feel like im alone in the world and that no one cares
--And LASTLY i made a wattpad because i love to read and cuz i thought that maybe, i might help me make friends with people who wont judge me and might be like me in some ways.

╚══╝♫ music♫


Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls

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