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Ambiguous. Quirky. Strange.
Disorganized. Random. Rhythmic.
Beautiful. Creative. Fun.
Thank you all for your precious opinions, connecting with a such a diverse community has opened my eyes to a lot of knew and interesting things. Due to the fact that im ridiculously spacy and I get writers block for months at a time ive decided to make watty a constant in my life,somthing to come back to now and again that'll always be there to inspire. 
about me:
LIKE WEBCOMICS?! HELLA DITTO MUCH SAME-that's why I'm making one find me on and yellowtogold on tumbler if 
if you're about badassery like:psych thriller/horror,diversity,lgbt, general trippy weirdness and message me if you love this junk enought to ramble about  it I know I do.

im 17, I'm an artist and I only swim free! Yes I did just make that reff with a straight face
I write streams of consciousness I like to call poetry as a hobby THANKS SO MUCH for reading
I'm ace if anyone was wondering
Don't blush or anything but I love you!! Let's laugh at bad puns together and encourage eachothers works,yeah?


Climbing the Noose

Climbing the Noose

1 page, updated Jul 27, 2013
69 reads votes 2 comments 2
The Worrisome Nature of Bog Children

The Worrisome Nature of Bog Children

1 page, updated Mar 10, 2013G
A much more recent poem of mine.
84 reads votes 6 comments 9
Ally Says

Ally Says

2 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 22, 2012G
193 reads votes 25 comments 20


5 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 08, 2012GCompleted
LOOK AT ME DOGGARNIT!!!! take my key. it's mine but you're in control.All you have to do is click on this poem to open the box.
1,257 reads votes 188 comments 158


1 page, updated Apr 08, 2012GCompleted
a short little rhymy story/poem type thing about the seamstress who could fix anything but still lost everything.good thing i like happy endings.
136 reads votes 22 comments 18


1 page, updated Apr 08, 2012GCompleted
Once uopn a time I saw a rainbow as I went down a road I did'nt want to travel.
135 reads votes 21 comments 13
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I like the hook at the end that was well done

Awe is one of my favorite struggling to find the right word for this beautiful doesn't quite do it?? Stunning? It's like a warmth that...
The World's Beauty

Jesus Christ that was a lot to take in.jesus CHRIST on Sunday I don't have words
My Dark Analogy

WHOO let's get edgy!! Ready for this
My Dark Analogy

I like that the confidence is clearly present without that bitter after taste or arrogance that many of the work of the same subject seem to have....
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