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Hello everyone!

We're actually Accountacy students and we just decided to make a story for fun.
But somehow we got hooked and totally enjoying this.

Well what more can we say?
We like to laugh and giggle all the time.
We like to hang out in the library cafe of our school to drink hot choco, 3in1 or Latte.
Uhm...what more?
Two of us already have a boyfriend but actually they're working somewhere far far way. :)
And the other two, well they just broke up with their bfs. :(
But it's ok,they're doing great.
So, yeah we're also kinda doing this for distraction.

And we just hope you're enjoying our story as much as we do!

Our names, real ones, you can see that on our cover page. :)

Add us in our fb accounts :)



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