I'm in love with Niall Horan!!! I love One Direction!! 
And My favorite songs are "Stereo Hearts" (Especially when Niall sings it) and "Payphone.
I WANT to see ONE DIRECTION in concert.
But, my mom says I can't. :(
AGAIN: I'M IN LOVE WITH NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask my friends, if you don't believe me! :)

Hope you guys like our story: Next to You

Stories YOU should READ:
California Dreaming by @michelle_1231D
I Can Love You More Than This by @nandoswithmyhusband
Everything Happens For a Reason by @xx5SOS_1Dxx


P.S. Okay, so pretty much this account is managed by @xx5SOS_1Dxx. this account is signed in, on her iPod. I just don't have the time. Who knows what ^^She spends her time doing. Lol So mainly all the activity on this account is by her. All the comments and stuff are her. 

P.S.2. For all my readers, i'm so sorry that updating is terrible. Haven't been able to write anything.
Next To You is slowly being written by @xx5SOS_1Dxx, @xxJeanxx, and myself. 

And for all of you who are reading LACR It's written out in a paper book. So it's taking awhile to transfer on my computer. :( Why did we write it out on paper, you ask? Well, we didn't have our computers with us (@xx5SOS_1Dxx and I) and just started writing in my spiral. 

So I'm just gonna put the stories on hold. Sorry. We will work on updating as fast as we can.
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Description: Paloma and her friends Krystah, Camila, and Megan went to a carnival. Her friends knew the minute they got to the carnival, Paloma was going to want to, ride every ride. As they’re going on ride after ride, they run into the oh so famous boy band...

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Next to You

Next to You

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Camila, Krystah, and Paloma are going to visit there friend Eleanor in England. The girls are so excited...

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