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Name Emily but you can call me master xD
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Hello there.. Can I tell you a secret? Yes? Guess what?


Now that we've got that over and done with Id like to politely ask you to read my books and fan me please^___^ 

Why?  I have several reasons 

1. I'm a toaster
2. You're a nice person, which means you will:)
3. I like cheese
4. I don't usually misspell things:p
5. I don't have arms because I'm a toaster. So show some sympathy! It's really hard to type with my tongue:(
6. My life is on the Internet 

AND I FLIPPING LOVE ONE DIRECTION! Sometimes I talk to myself In exotic accents... My friends always say I'll eventually end up in a mental hospital:')... With them:) ah the good old days.

I like really old music (well not that old)    AND MA BOYS 1D

My goal is to reach 1000 reads on one of my stories:) I hope my beloved fizzlers (the name of my fans) can make my dream come true! I LOVE YOU GUYS :')

:) Love, the toaster Emily:)
P.S. Id really like to make it on wattpad:) BUH BUH BUUUUUMMM yeah.. I went there u.u


Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fiction)

Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fiction)

12 parts / 15 pages, updated Oct 07, 2012PG
Natalie, a zany 18 year meets a very interesting boy named Liam. One mistake pulls them away from each other. They meet up again and Natalie finds out a very disturbing secret about him. One that will change her life forever.
814 reads votes 5 comments 15
The Brother (Harry Potter fan fic)

The Brother (Harry Potter fan fic)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 17, 2012
Did you ever wonder if Voldemort had any siblings? If he did why werent they mentioned? If you want to know the answers to your many questions, I reccomen... read more
144 reads votes 0 comments 2


3 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 08, 2012PG
My name's Melinda McLeod, 3 years ago my best friend Melissa Maxwell and I murdered an innocent human on Halloween. Our job is to keep the world safe from vampires, werewolves, ly... read more
62 reads votes 1 comments 0
Moments- A 1D fan fiction

Moments- A 1D fan fiction

10 parts / 5 pages, updated Jul 30, 2012Completed
I, Emily Davis get my wish granted. I meet the lovely Niall Horan, get to go on tour with one direction and have fun with my best friend Morgan Jenkins. Read my story If you'd like, but I understand if don't like good romantic fan fictions:)
1,161 reads votes 18 comments 13


One Little Dancer
19,034 reads

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Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fic...

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Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fic...

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Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fic...

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Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fic...

@NatalieA12 I'll update probably when you come over
Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fic...