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The 1D Library is no longer active. Requests to add your wonderful fan-fics will not be fulfilled. If you have any questions as to why this is, feel free to message me on my personal account, @Shannerz. 

This account and 1D brought me so much joy for so long, so thank you to everyone who supported and loved this account as much as I did! 

Live your lives 1Derfully! 
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Basically I'll choose a deserving Directioner to have a lil' chat with the 1DLibrary! :) x

Tomlinson1992 posted a message to 1DLibrary
Hiii, loveee ^_^ HOW ARE YOUUU? Can you please follow back and read my sotry "Complicated" ? Would mean the world to me!! Love yah, sis. 

Have a nice dayyyyyyyyyy!!! xx
Hey everyone! So obviously this account hasn't been active in a very, very long time. When I visited this account for the first time in a while I was literally ASTOUNDED by the amount of followers on here. Over 30k, that's crazy?! 

Anyways, I am writing this message to inform all of you that I don't think I am going to be continuing on with this account. This account made me so happy as did One Direction, of course. And you guys! I made this in 2012 when I was 12 years old and it sky-rocketed beyond my imagination and I was so excited! My love for One Direction then was off the scale completely; but now I am 15 years old and I can honestly say I'm not a big fan anymore and I've found new interests. I know this might be hard to hear, but it's been over for me since around March this year. One DIrection gave me such joy for nearly 2 years of my life, it's insane, and I loved every minute of being a part of their fan base. It was hard to come to a realization that that phase was over for me, but it was hard for me to stick with the whole 1D shabang. Sorry if this is disappointing. A part of me wants to continue with this account but it wouldn't be any fun on my part if my level of love for the boys isn't nearly as high as your guys'. If you'd like to follow me on my personal Wattpad, it's @Shannerz. Feel free to message me with any questions. Also, you can follow my tumblr: damnitydamndamn.tumblr.com. 

This is a goodbye and huge, huge thank you. (I'm getting emotional writing this??) This account and 1D made my life amazing for so long, and I'm so grateful. The amount of support and love you guys have given me over theses two years was amazing and I'll never forget it. Love you guys! Thanks for the fun and the happiness.
-Shannon <3
thatgirlAli posted a message to 1DLibrary
Hi I just found your account and I hope I'm not rude when I ask if you could mention or add my story to something....?  Sorry I don't know how this whole thing works or what to do , and just so you know, I followed you=]