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Name does it matter ? :)
Location i don't need another stalker thanks =P
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Hey yeah so my nick name is ALI 

- I love my dog charlie
-I hate school there are so many bitchs
- Hate next door neighbour( he makes fun of me ! can u believe it )
- I am strange and giddy and silly
- My mums say i act like a 5 year old and ... thats because i am one !!
-I am 14 my b-day is on the 18th of september a week after 911
-my life is funny as!!
- Luv my bezzies anna eve rachel an others!!
- I will always chat to you even if i am busy( sometime i leave the computer on so that might be way i dont replie x
-I am a single pringle ready to mingle ( I got dared to put this cause my friends are even weirder than me !!)ut i am single boo hoo!!
- I like boys not girls thats just weird for me but no offence to lisbands( I think thats is how u spell it)
- I LOVE GAY PEOPLE they are awesome i have a gay friend and he is a legend so funny !!
yeah so i dont bit pm me poke me or whatever you wanna do and crap like that thankyou x x x x
- i skateboard and rollerskate and walk my dog 
- I luv the beach !! xP
-have a british accent
- likes guys 
-lives in england
- in year 9 at skwl ! xP

❤_❤___❤_❤_ Put this 
❤___❤_❤__❤ heart 
_❤___❤___❤_on your 
__❤_____❤__ page if 
___❤___❤___ you love 
____❤_❤____ boys! (Men) lol!


What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas... Right ?

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas... Right ?

2 pages, updated Aug 07, 2011GPictures
When Grace decides to throw a surpise party for her soon to be fiance( Jake) and tickets to go to Las Vegas, things turn to a worse and Jake dec... read more
472 reads votes 18 comments 31
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Hey luv ur story when are u updating ?? :)

@Reach_For_The_Stars ha yeah sure i will =)
The Mini Mean Girl

:'( not fair i want MORE ! ! ! !
The Mini Mean Girl

hehehe i can't believe i missed this chappie since i have been on my hols and now u have finished the book now what am i suppose to do !!! :D
The Mini Mean Girl

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