Hello there, stalker.

If you're here because I left a nasty comment, I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention at all. At times I sound crankier than I intend, I think ...  I imagine that when you work hard to write something, you are concerned enough to handle constructive criticism because you care to improve and hone your skills. 

I have a borderline addiction to green tea, much to the disgust of my friends. I consider myself to be a pretty nice person, so don't be afraid to chat me up, kay? 

Want something read? Want a random chat? Want to suggest something to me? Send me a pm and off we go! (*flails arms* I'm approachable! I'm approachable!)

Now go pick on the good authors. 


 My mind to me a kingdom is; 
 Such perfect joy therein I find 
 That it excels all other bliss 
 Which God or nature hath assign'd. 
 Though much I want that most would have, 
 Yet still my mind forbids to crave. 

 I press to bear no haughty sway, 
 I wish no more than may suffice, 
 I do no more than well I may, 
 Look, what I want my mind supplies. 
 Lo ! thus I triumph like a king, 
 My mind content with anything. 

- Sir Edward Dyer
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The Tempest

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Description: He knows he needs her. He knows she loves him. He knows he only feels the pain in it all, yet he will always return, forever the submissive slave to his Lady. Warning: Dark and rated M.


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