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※ "according to greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. fearing their power, zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend the rest of their lives in search for their other halves. and i know i found my other half. you. it's you. it's always been you." ※ - helena; ink.

hello there, it's emo boy from @killmeoffthisworld again on the profile he won't write on. i have a friend here, too. his name is greyson and he's fifteen. he's mainly on here, so. he's sweet, cute, and falls in love way too fast. don't try to flirt with him because he has a girlfriend, and she'll hunt you down. don't eat him or screw with him, either. he's my little unstable bisexual boy.

◎ i play monstre and greyson plays tobias in one hundred sleepless nights. ◎

our music taste > life.

stuffs we like: pierce the veil, bring me the horizon, green day, bullet for my valentine, sleeping with sirens, paramore, fall out boy, black veil brides, i divide, the illumination, the neighbourhood, coldplay, linkin park, in days forgotten { we know the bassist c: }, twenty one pilots, my chemical romance, blink 182, of mice & men, mayday parade, a day to remember, panic! at the disco, you me at six, skrillex, etc.

pp: sweatpants lady.
bg: a collage of the greatest peoples ever.

so check out my shiet on my other account. mkai? mkai.

caution: we have more problems than you do cells in your body. don't you dare try to relate with us, give us advice, or judge us. we can handle our own shit like you can handle minding your own business.

if you read this far without dying of boredom, here's a cookie. *hands cookie*

drop a message, my people. greyson will respond. bye. x

*anonymous account. don't like it? leave.*

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