My Dark Knight (COMPLETED) SheriffSquinty
16.9M 364K
Alphas Unknown Daughter (Completed) W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
8.4M 213K
Royal Alpha Jaxon *Completed* Midika
7.8M 248K
Beta (complete) vanessa_89
13.6M 272K
Take Me As I Am (Completed) myheartsmistake
19.2M 390K
The Change ( Completed ) steamyhot
10.2M 236K
The Alpha wants me (completed) SarahlovesNiallH
8.1M 291K
The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, And The Bullied (Completed) RubixCube89201
15.5M 387K
The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETED unkn0wnx3
9.9M 176K
The Billionaire's Temporary Wife *Completed* The-Superstar
7.8M 158K
Untouched |completed| _nymphomaniac
4.4M 128K
Fat Camps and Makeovers [COMPLETED] makemeover
3.8M 93K
Sugar Babe [Completed] WeAreAHurricane
4.9M 134K
Alpha Bloodlines (Completed) kirsty1000
12.6M 135K
When Everything Disappears (Completed) myheartsmistake
11.4M 130K
Looking For My Thug -Complete- HoneyBee___
5.5M 117K
Silent Love (Completed) Missii
6.9M 126K
Proving The Bad Boy Wrong (Complete & Editing) xXrougeXx
6.3M 157K