Runaway (Zayn Malik)

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Tavvvvv_ By Tavvvvv_ Updated a year ago
*Originally 'Just For You'* 

 Zayn and Alannah were best friends. You know how best friends go?  And like how your normal love story, they fall in love with each other, they tell each other, begin to date but then there's a problem. But this problem, this one mistake, will not only turn their dreamed love story upside down but will force a gap between two best friends, two lovers, two soul-mates.

Four years down the line, New lives begin and are on the process of a big time stardom. time went on but memories weren't forgotten. What would happen if not-so-suddenly Alannah and her knight in shining armour met again? she thought she was over him.. but the Romeo she was looking for was back again. Something or rather someone was tugging her down further and further, before she could barely reach the surface. Will she ever regain the love story she had always been dreaming of?
Imsomewherelse Imsomewherelse a year ago
@hasmikzayn Zayns not "yours." He doesn't even know you exist. That's the truth. He is dating Perrie Edwards and they are perfect for each other. So no. Zayn isn't yours. And btw this is a book. Not real life. I'm rolling my eyes right now
Imsomewherelse Imsomewherelse a year ago
YES! So basically I read the original version too. I thought it was gone because one day my app got screwed up and delete it. I couldn't find r because I didn't know the name changed. And not to be rude by why did you change the story?
Luciri718 Luciri718 2 years ago
:o Can you make me a Zayn imagine too? My name is Lucy and i have hazel eyes and brown straight hair. I like to Dance and Act. I incredible love him. c:
xliamforeverx xliamforeverx 2 years ago
yesterday was Zayns 20th birthday and me and my bff wrote dj Malik and Bradford bad boy on our wrists  because we love him
Tayelorl Tayelorl 2 years ago
@Missvashappeninzayn Like you know what is going to happen it is predictable.
Tayelorl Tayelorl 2 years ago
@Tayelorl. You know like everything is predicted. Like you know what is going to happen.