*~Best Friend~* A Roc Royal & Mindless Behavior story Part 1 -Completed-

There's always that male friend you have who makes you wonder what if but it's not as easy as him to admit his feelings as it is for you. Once you move on, he wants your attention back in the worst way possible. Phyllicia is a 15 year old who fell for her best friend Princeton of Mindless Behavior and of course, he ran away from her love. Once she turned attention to Roc, Princeton all of a sudden had a bigger voice than a narrator. Once he realizes its too late, he and his pretend girl friend try to do any and everything to sabotage Roc and Ci's relationship in ways that threatened many lives. Will Princeton come out successful or will things get out of hand?
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@swaggerfresh223 look prince is not her brother prod is so before u wanna talk about some one being retarded check ur self first
Are u fucking retarded isn't prince her brother it would of been good if prod was her brother that's just nasty if ur gonna Write a book write it right
Prod is her brother, not Prince. She said she was walking home with Princeton, Prod- her brother, & Roc & Ray
Awe i want to read the seaqul but cant find it can u share it with me my kik is Lil_Miss_Freak
i read this hold story like ooooooooooooooooooo roc have a crush on her duhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I love it though Ci should of slow down on the whole feelings thing,anyways love it ! ~Ce-Ce

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