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in between. hahaha!! ang galing nagpagkakadescribe.
Parang ayoko na ng CONYO na word.
haha. kala ko ung conyo.. is yung tao na nag tataglish hahaha ^^ ung sobra sobra arte nung language.. example "why its so mainit here"  haha XD
ang conyo po is parang language.. in short broken english.. taglish ba pero may style
@Kianlouie23 o well.. I hate their guts.. they are egoistic

they think they are dominant to woman whhooops xD
Man-Hater, Super Friendly, Babaeng Bakla, Problematic, Feelingera or Illusinaries ,somtetimes i'm FLIRT
Im a boy .. and checking it out to find out girl's personalities pra malaman ko anung ugali ng linligawan ko :))

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