The Human Xenocide [Complete] (Book 2 Out!)

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(For book 2 Search for "The Human Retaliation" by Freelove) Lilly was a normal girl, until one distraught day when she shot herself in the head with her Grandfathers Revolver.  Then everything changed - Dark deals for a second chance, Ghouls, a kid she names Pop, a traveler called The Wizard and much more. Death follows her every step and everyone wants to control her, she quickly becomes the ultimate weapon which eventually starts the Fourth World War and nearly wipes out the human race. So, Lets watch the World burn.
sanji_1D sanji_1D 2 years ago
Doz os da first story i m readin on wattpad written by a guy n itzz really amazingg gud work awesomeee!!! Love it already
leasty leasty 2 years ago
pretty good so far. you have my attention. chevk your grammar and choice of words .
LaughinGypsie97 LaughinGypsie97 2 years ago
Loved the whole 'she's got 1 out of 5 chances to live' awesome keep goin' :3
WritingSoul WritingSoul 2 years ago
wow!!!!very powerful,gripping start!!it had me imagining the scene vividly!!!!One word with 9 characters for you: B E A U T I F U L
foreverbluerose_19 foreverbluerose_19 2 years ago
bnj2011 bnj2011 3 years ago
WOW, This was so good. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest.