Blondes vs. Brunettes

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noodles88 By noodles88 Updated 3 years ago
In the year 2056 blondes get tired of dumb blonde jokes. They seized control of the government, and they have a mission- to kill or enslave every brunette. For they must feel the pain that they endure.
4bribri99 4bribri99 3 years ago
@noodles88 Yay! I'll make it tomorrow, and PM you the link since I'm just a bit busy right now(:
4bribri99 4bribri99 3 years ago
Wow, I like this ^.^ Its short, but good! Also, can I make you a cover? I like making covers for stories I like ^.^
Madelyi Madelyi 3 years ago
Oh, you gotta dedicate chapter two to Poland... She would find this absolutely amazing...