Chasing Fire

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_RiordanGeek By _RiordanGeek Updated 11 months ago
Jared Rein is the child of a god. He was created to go on an impossible journey. This journey is to save his beloved friend, Noah, and the fire god, Vulcan. But there is just one small catch to saving the two - If Jared succeeds he will die. If Jared fails his father will die. Jared realizes soon that rescuing the two won’t be easy as he will have to fight against Rush Zacker and his malevolent legion of androids. Can Jared save the earth? Can he beat Rush Zacker: the one who plots to destroy it? Can he live and complete what he has set out to do? The world rests in his hands...
unknone unknone 3 years ago
As soon as I read that this guy said that he had barely ever written before I immediately came here and voted.
MsCatarina MsCatarina 3 years ago
WHOA! That was pretty intense. Someone's a cool kid even though he's only in fifth grade xD This was a very interesting start, I like this story(:
Pizzalova Pizzalova 3 years ago
You know @RiordanGeek since I'm your friend this will sound like a cliche, but this is really good! I enjoyed it very much, and intend on reading more later!!
whiteeskihomo whiteeskihomo 3 years ago
This is crazy! I like it :D The last sentence makes me more interested! There are a few mistakes here and there, but you can barely notice them c:
lovereading411 lovereading411 3 years ago
This is amazing for someone your age :P 
I like it, its cool :P
chillpenguin98 chillpenguin98 3 years ago
Geez, this is really good! Your choice of words blew me away. So from the comments I'v seen, you wrote this a while ago? You must really be talented! Good luck in the watty awards! Oh, no spelling errors but i must say everything was great!