Montello High: School of Gangsters (Awesomely Completed and well,Published, too)

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Shiela May Familaran By Shiela May Familaran Completed
So you think you're bad? But surely, there are people out there more evil than you. Disgustingly gorgeous devils that are not meant to be messed with. Unless, you unfortunately dance on their hell of a territory.

Summer Leondale is always the badass kick-out girl. With her reputation, normal lang na magpalipat-lipat siya ng school. She walks in and bloody walks out. Until she entered Montello High... Hindi siya nag-iexpect na magiging madali ang lahat. And she was also not expecting that things will be shaken up by irresistibly hot and badass gangsters. Issues of Friendships, Love, Hatred, Violence and Mystery are her worst confrontations.

She walks in... will she be able to walk out?
ang cool talaga ng srory na to pangalawang beses ko  ng basahin
ang ganda po ng story n toTTT_TTT..hiniram ko p ung book ng kaklase ko para mabasa din to nang nakapublished n..may book two po ba??
next school year .. diyan na ako mageenroll .. wahahahaha...
owkie .. here i go ... sige! magbabasa na ako nito .. na excite na talaga ako .. eehhhkkk!!! (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡
the story that i've waited to publish and now here it is... i'll definitely buy it! congrats ms. author :)